Summer 2019

Summer Cooking Academy

semicolonies - workshops for young chefs

Kids' Kitchen is open wide during winter and summer break, and invites you to join us all week long. You can never get bored with us as we ensure lots of fun joined with learning, for example cooking or other useful activities - also joined with learning foreign languages. Our teachers are fully professional and experienced, but also full of empathy, ideas, and solutions.

In Kids' Kitchen, your children will have fun in groups up to 15 participants and they will never be hungry - it's Kids' Kitchen after all - and you may have a moment for yourself while the children are with us.

We also recommend you considered booking the entire cycle of workshops for the children of your employees or of your friends. Workshops at Kids' Kitchen are remarkable and extraordinary - thus, children enjoy coming back as frequently as possible. Let's show the children how to spend free time in a creative and happy way, not in front of the screen.

The theme of the winter break workshops for the entire group may be agreed upon in advance. We would like to hear your proposals in this matter as our goal is to make all children as happy and satisfied as possible.

Behind Kids' Kitchen, there is well-trained and qualified staff of experienced teachers who have been present on the education market for years. Each one of us, apart from experience, has got the mandatory training and has never been sentenced (which is easy to verify in the available criminal records). Hence, you may be sure of our professionalism and skills while trusting us with taking care of your children. All winter day camps have been registered in the Silesian Board of Education, which supervises them formally. Besides, every child has a personal injury insurance.